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I teach Norwegian in “one-to-one” setting for companies and individuals alike.

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Online Norwegian Language Course

At the moment no action is required to change status from someone who is attending Norwegian classes, to someone who attending a Language course.
There are certain benefits of attending a language course. You will receive status of someone attending a Language course if:
- You have at least one double hour class per week (except for breaks for vacation)
- You have had at least a total of 10 hours of classes
- You are using or willing to use formal learning material, meaning language books.

If we through our classes, you have followed the above elements, the time I save in preparation will benefit you.
For those in what can be labeled Online Norwegian Language Courses will get material to a greater extent customized to their own interests.
They will also have opportunity to have classes during weekends. Any increase in price of classes will also not affect persons in the language course.
In the Language course setting there will also be opportunities for extended written tasks corrected free of charge.

Following this fixed schedule will greatly enhance your learning process.
Weekly classes with written tasks, beyond the tasks performed in class, as well as homework will keep your mind close enough to Norwegian to learn the language properly.

To benefit for this opportunity, sign up to qualify for the Online Norwegian Language course before the prices increases.

Price is only US$ 17/hour - No Monthly Fees - Contact via info@mbergo.com
In your e-mail include your previous knowledge of Norwegian and why you would like to study Norwegian.

Note to Immigrants to Norway - If you qualify for one of the language courses paid by the Norwegian government,
these have to be performed in your local community. I can assist as an extra tutor to increase your fluency.
Classes purely communicational or correction of written texts - where you decide the topic - you can have single hours.

About me: Norwegian Teacher

Payment by the use of Paypal or Bank deposit in Norway or Brazil
Registered in Brazil with CNPJ number