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Norwegian books and learning material

The classes I offer on the main site do not require any investment in learning material.
Regardless of your level I will go through all the language elements in appropriate order.

For longer courses, however, there are advantages to use formal material as they have a large number of training tasks.
The same applies for those who wish to study only as a self-study.
Most of the books below I have used both in my tutoring classes and as a professional teacher in language schools.

På Vei - Basic Norwegian Textbook

This is the most common textbook in Norwegian schools when teaching basic Norwegian to immigrants. Such as Folkeuniversitetet.
The book is only in Norwegian - making it a bit hard to follow as self study. Particularly the newer version makes addes assumptions.
It is not impossible, however, to learn alone from this book. Particularly if you have the CDs for the textbook.

I often use this book in my classes as it does give basic overview of the building blocks of the Norwegian Language (grammat and vocabulary).
As an added benefit, because most schools uses this material - it is also easy to jump into courses in Norway.

Of the negative aspect, this book is not particularly made for English speakers. Not only doesn't it provide a vocabulary, it also doesn't emphasize things that English speakers have particular problems with. If you don't live on Norway it might be difficult to get hold of the book in the local stores.
For those who live in Norway - the easiest online store is Bokkilden.com

På Vei Online excercises also for those who do not have the physical book.

Stein På Stein - Intermediate Norwegian Textbook

The next book used in Norwegian schools, for the intermediate level, is Stein På Stein.
As with the book in basic Norwegian, På Vei, the book is only in Norwegian and therefore not ideal for self study.
However, the texts are not extremely difficult and at this level you should be able to understand them with the help of a dictionary.

With the current formats of Norwegian tests - the topics are highly relevant.
For each text there are also several discussion topics.
This is therefore a great book for private classes.

Because this book is also very expensive in Amazon - it should be bought by a Norwegian site such as Adlibris.

Her På Berget - Advanced Norwegian Textbook

For the more advanced student it is common to use the material in Her Pa Berget.
It is by the same authors as the other books mentioned above.

I would also recommend this work. Primarily because the topics it handles are related to topics on an exam.
Many of the text can be quite dull, however, and it is clearly on the political left pretending to be "objective" which can be somewhat anoying.
For many who don't intend to take an advanced Norwegian test - regular news sources can be a good alternative.

Other Norwegian Textbook

One book that is quite popular in Norwegian classes is: Norsk Grammatikk.
The above work book can be quite useful - be sure to download the answer key.
As with the other books - the answer key is not provided.

The book also has a textbook.
This book is primarily for people with a passion for grammar. It primarily contains a long list of various grammatical rules.

More information about the Norwegian Classes
For a longer course, complete online Norwegian language course, this work-book provide many training tasks.

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