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Placement of "Ikke" in Norwegian - Part 2

This is the second list of rules for the placement of "ikke" in Norwegian.
Since this kind of list can be quite dull, I try to go straight to the point in each element.

Rule #3 - Ikke is placed after the first verb when more than one

"Sammensatt verb" is when two verbs is connected together.
For example:
Hun skal ikke reise på ferie i år. (She is not going to travel this year)
Han kan ikke jobbe i dag. (He cannot work today)

Rule #4 - Ikke is placed in front of the verb in subordinate clauses

Subordinate clauses is clauses that can not stand alone. E.g. "He said that it is raining". The phrase "it is raining" is such a clause.
The phrases starts with a "subjunction". In Norwegian there are numerous such "trigger words".
Here are many of them: at, hvis, fordi, da, når, siden, slik at (så).
For example:
Jeg er sulten fordi jeg ikke spiste frokost (I'm hungry because I didn't eat breakfast)
Jeg har begynt å trene så jeg ikke legger på meg (I have started to exercise so that I don't gain weight)
Da jeg ikke var fet var jeg ulykkelig (When I was not fat, I was unhappy)

Be aware of the "subjunctions" you often use and remember them.

Rule #5 - Ikke is placed after a reflexive pronoun

Many verbs in Norwegian are used reflexive. Then the negative "ikke" is placed after the pronouns.
For example:
Hun kjeder seg ikke (She is not bored)
Hun vasker seg ikke om morgenen (She doesn't wash herself in the morning)

Part 1 - Placement of "ikke" in Norwegian

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