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Trondheim in Norway

Trondheim in Norway is the third most populated city in Norway with a population of around 180,000 people.
The city of Trondheim is more than a 1000 years and founded in the year 997. Between 1030 and 1217 Trondheim was the capital of Norway.

It is a very popular student city and of that reason the amount of people living in the city is larger than what is indicated by the population number.

Entrance to Trondheim in Norway
Trondheim in Norway

Video of Trondheim, provided by a visitor to this city:

Places to visit in Trondheim are Nidaros Cathedral which was built over the grave of King Olav Haraldsson (reign 1015 - 1030).
Mots medieval building was small wooden houses that have been lost to fires.

From a historical city it saw a revival in the 1700s and the 1800s when it got first a development by merchants and then later by industry.
At the end of the 1800s Trondheim also became an education centre. Modern Trondheim has a thriving combination of science, research and business communities.
Trondheim is located where the river Nidelva meets Trondheimsfjorden, giving it excellent harbour and sheltered condition.
Despite Trondheim being Norway's third largest city, wild animals can be seen.
Moose and deer are common in the hills surrounding the city, and might wander into the city. Since 2002, a wolverine has stayed in Bymarka.

Trondheim's fjords also offer its attractions.

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