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Tromso in Norway

Tromso is the 7th largest city in Norway if you measure by population. The city is primarily located on an island.
Being the largest city in north of Norway, Tromso is well famous for the Northern light and also well known among armed services staying in the northern part of Norway.

Still, Tromso is so far north that it is quite expensive to travel there by plane. In the furthest north of Norway is the people of the Sami.
Even though it is that far north, there are evidence of people living in the region for more than a thousand year.

Tomso in Norway
Tromso in Norway

This city is filled with wooden houses and has an ample history with trade from the middle ages until the 20th century.
In the middle ages there were sent dired cod from the northern regions, and Tromso, to the south of Norway and Europe.
In the 19th century this city was the capital of arctic hunting.

In this region the seasonal differences are very stark with daylight all day and night during summer and complete dark all day during winter.
Naturally you should not go here during mid-winter unless you have interest in very cold weather and darkness during daytime.

A video with a collection of pictures from the city of Tromso

Norway has a small indigineous population, the samis. Their culture is not well represented in Norway as a whole,
but it has been somewhat revitalized in the northern part in general and in Tromso in particular.

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