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The Fjords in Norway

Fjords generally refers to large inland rivers. In Norway there is not clear difference between a river and a Fjord.
When we talk about Fjords in the context of Norwegian tourism, we generally refer to the inland freshwaters that during millions of years have eroded the surroudning mountains.

With the erosion, the fjords can become very deep, with the Sognefjord being as deep as 1.300 meters.
Going through the Fjords by ship is a great eperience and one of the finest sceneries in Norway.
To access the Fjords you should first go to Bergen and take ship from there. There are several options ith one of them is by ship to Flam with the option of returning by train.

List of some of the Fjords in Norway Cruises

If you got time to take the train back to Bergen from Flam or even drive by car,
The nature here is great from all viewspots.
The Nature can be seen from the road, in the small cities or when arriving by Cruise or Train.
The last picture is taken from Flam, where you will arrive by Cruise. From there you can return with the ship or by taking trains.
Fjords in Norway
Fjords in Norway seen from the Road

Dale in Norway

Flam in Norway - Cruise entrance

Another Fjord that probably is considered the most famous in Norway is the Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger Fjord in Norway is a great example of splendid nature.

Video From Geiranger Fjord

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