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City of Oslo in Norway

Oslo is the largest city and the capital of Norway. Founded in 1048 it is closing in on its 1000th birthday.
Archeological evidence is found from before the year 1000, so the exact year of its founding is not without controversy.
Oslo has been the capital of Norway since 1300s, but Norway has been for longer period been under the control of both Denmark and Sweden.
Oslo has therefore not had the same influence as most capitals as it has not been the principal administrative city before Norwegian independence in 1814.

Currently the city is among one of the fastest growing cities in Europe due to immigration.
Currently the total population is getting close to 1,5 million with an excess of 900,000 living in the greater metropolitan area.

From Oslo you have easy access to Sweden by the use of car and to Denmark by taking a boat.
Map of Norway
(Map of Oslo, Norway. Picture taken from Google Earth)

Two pictures from Oslo.
Bjorvika in Oslo
Bjorvika in Oslo
City center of Oslo
City center of Oslo
Both images are taken from Wikipedia Commons

It is east to travel from Oslo to both Sweden and Denmark, and easy to combine with a general tour of Europe.
If you can only visit one area of Norway, Bergen would, if possible, be a better option if you also will be able to visit the Fjords.
If you have time to visit both cities, you should consider taking a train ride across the mountain during daytime as it gives you view of Norwegian mountain nature.

A video made by others touring the city of Oslo:

00:00 Sail into Oslo on the Emerald Princess
13:03 Downtown walking tour
14:16 City Hall
21:56 Nobel Peace Prize Center
22:31 National Theater
23:48 June 7 Square
24:44 Royal Palace
27:39 University of Oslo
29:05 Parliament
30:50 Old Town Hall
33:17 Opera House
34:37 Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park
40:50 Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill
43:42 Viking Museum
44:41 Sail away on the Emerald Princess
50:55 Sunset
Homepage of the user behind this video - http://timvp.com/

Being the capital, most governmental offices are located in Oslo.
Beyond this there are many parks and museum available for visits.

Located by the fjord - Oslofjorden - the ocean and maritime activities, including industries, are an intrinsic part of Oslo like many other locations in Norway.